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Consumer Alert

Be wary of any emu oil that is scented, as they are trying to mask the unpleasant odor of old, degraded oil, or oil that has not been properly or fully refined.

Beware of companies that purport to have "super-refined", "triple-refined", or any other adjective to claim that "their" process increases any activity in emu oil or is somehow better than others. The highest grade of emu oil recognized by the AEA (American Emu Association) is "fully refined."

Emu oil comes from a layer of fat off the back of the animal. Once the animal has been processed and the fat has been harvested, it is physically impossible to increase ANY activity in the end result of the fat into the oil. The properties of emu oil can be diminished by substandard feeding programs, improper refining and is also found in old, degraded oil.  It has not been scientifically proven that pure, fully refined 100% emu oil can be processed any differently to increase its properties. Please don't be fooled by these sales gimics.

We, at Desert Palms Emu Ranch LLC, only offer American produced emu oil that is fully refined to meet and exceed the US industry standards for fully refined emu oil. Our oil is refined without any chemicals and is suitable for pharmaceutical use.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Thank you for supporting the American emu producers.

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