Desert Palms Emu Ranch
Deb Henson

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Good morning Deb,
Your Emu Oil is a wonder product. We’ve used this to help heal the radiation burns Emily received through her cancer treatments, moisturizer for her body and face, kitchen stove burns and even on hands to help ease arthritis inflammation. We used it to help heal my surgery scar on my arm and very soon it won’t even be visible. We love your product. We use it daily and a little drop goes such a long way.
Thank you Deb for such a wonderful product.

Patrick I. KY


We are the happy ones!!! You must think we are overusing!!!! I had half a forearm sleeve done – just about completely done healing now. Then my husband and I both got some smaller work done….and we both have a full day sitting scheduled for 2 weeks from now. Your tattoo therapy is really making the difference between us caring for tattoos as young adults and as wise adults!!! Not to mention the daith piercings are doing great because of the oil. Really, from the bottom of our hearts – thank you for such a perfect, special product!!

Kim, CO


Holy cow!!! Got the box – and have now converted to your products exclusively for my face, my tattoos, my piercings. I am creating an aftercare package for my husband’s new piece next month – and getting a few more things for mine for then also. Your products are so anti-inflammatory and soothing. My family all has the MOST sensitive skin – and I am currently doing a half-body test on both of my kiddos, Stormi (14) and Torrin (10). We’ll see how it goes. Just wanted to say thanks! Kim (from customer brushing with emu oil everyday) I just had a great dental checkup yesterday---my hygenist was totally shocked at how much better my plaque problem was & also my gums---so, THANK YOU!!!! i am a total believer in your product now!!!

"KK" Kirchhoff (Delavan, WI)


Just gotta say how much we love this! The only thing we've ever used is aquaphor - so sticky and greasy - the tattoo therapy is amazing! My husband is getting his sleeve finished - and wears suits to work. The 'other stuff' was ruining his button up shirts, but the emu oil left no residue and kept his tat moisturized :)

Thanks guys! Tisha O (Queen Creek, AZ)


I found another use for Green Relief and it's something I never expected. I'm pretty fair skinned and while I lived in Florida for six years I spent far too much time in the sun. The areas that were constantly exposed to sun (my calves and arms) developed red crusty spots that dermatologists said would never go away. I never wore shorts over the past 20 or so years due to the embarrassing spots. Long sleeved shirts were a must until early summer came and I got some color on my arms to hide the spots. I have been rubbing the Green Relief onto my feet several times a week at bedtime and for some reason started rubbing it into my calves as well. I suddenly noticed that the red spots the doctors said I would have forever are almost totally gone. I thought my eyes had gone bad but they haven't. You can expect re-order after re-order from me. You are one of my favorite people and I haven't even met you. Your products are incredible.

Thank you Deb!! Tom M (Louisville, KY)


I have been using the gel caps for several months and have noticed a big difference. My hair really grows fast, much to the delight of my hairdresser, as I have to see her more often. So glad I met your team at the The Farmer's Market all those years ago.

Joyce H (Waddell, AZ)


Green Relieve certainly is named correctly. I rub it daily now on my feet and it makes them feel like I just had both a foot massage and acupuncture. Some of my toes have a little arthritis from surgery years ago and some of the others are tight from non-movement as the arthritic toes stop them from doing so. I've had foot massages at one of those Chinese places and it makes them feel great. Same with acupuncture. $80 per acupuncture treatment every 2 weeks as well as $40 every 2 weeks for a foot massage adds up. From this point forward I'll only use your products. It's incredible when I wake up in the morning how great my feet feel.

Thanks Deb.
Tom M (Louisville, KY)

Your oil is amazing! We talked over the phone a few days ago. Thank you very much for getting it out so quickly! From the first treatment, i can already tell you that this stuff is a miracle worker. No more dry skin, no irritated feeling what so ever! And it has moisturized it very nicely. I think this product has saved me from removing my piercing and put all doubt away. I will be recommending your emu oil to every person who needs it. Thank you for taking the time and giving me the advice you did. Means a lot. Wishing you and your company the best!

Take care.
From Aykut, A very happy camper :)


I LOVE your products! I have used your emu oil for about 8 years. I just recently tried your Tattoo Therapy and it is amazing. Thank you for such wonderful products, I recommend your company every chance I get.
Jill B (Baldwin City, KS)

Thank you very much for having this product! I have recently gone thru treatment for breast cancer, just finished radiation 2 and a half weeks ago. I had a real bad burn under my arm and on my breast. I instantly starting using emu oil and the burn was completely gone w in a week! I love this stuff, it's wonderful!!!


"I have been using emu oil for several purposes - First, I used for a piercing that had trouble healing and after one week it was healed just perfectly! Then I started using it to help with my psoriasis and it's really great. It helped me through one of the worst outbreaks of my life, and my skin was soft again two weeks after. Emu oil is the best thing I have ever tried, thank you Deb so much for this!"

Julie (France)

I just want to thank you for the emu oil. I had keloids on both sides of my tragus piercing. I have tried everything to get them to go away and nothing worked. I haven't even been using the oil for a week and both keloids have disappeared. Miracle oil in a bottle!
Thank you!
Kris G.

I would just like to say that this stuff is awesome! My grandpa uses the oil for his callouses and sores (he's diabetic) and it works incredibly well! Now I'm ordering it for more family members who want to try it. Thanks for offering this awesome product!
Winona K (Plato, MN)

I thought I wasn’t getting any benefit that I could tell from the Emu capsules and was waiting for a blood test result on my cholesterol when I suddenly realized that my aches and pains from arthritis are coming back in full swing without my Emu Oil Capsules.    So I am very happy they are coming Priority Mail!  I’m looking forward to forgetting I have hips etc – I got used to feeling like a “youngin”! 

Carolyn, Yuma AZ

So glad I was at the Park West market this past weekend. I got a little sampler from you that literally saved me today. I COMPLETELY threw out my back last night doing...nothing really. I remembered I had this Green Relief just a few minutes ago. I cannot believe the difference in 15 minutes! It's absolutely incredible! !! I will NEVER go with it again. And I will be getting these as stocking stuffers for a lot of family!
Jamie, Peoria, AZ

Life changer! healed my nipple rings that have bothered me for a whole year in just 2 weeks! I use the oil on my face and i have no little bumps or red acne anymore! I also just had a surgery last week and rubbing the oil into the scar! buying this for birthday gifts and christmas soon!!! As for a "cure anything" product, you guys and my research online sold me. So underrated when all I hear about is things like tea tree oil benefits (which is amazing to an extent, emu oil seems works for everything!)
Lance :) SF, CA

Thank you Deb for your product!  It is so great!  I've told everyone I know about my latest obsessions of emu oil and crossfit.  They think I'm crazy for loving both, but anyways I digress.  I gave some to my 89 year old grandmother for her birthday.  She had basal cell carcinoma removed from her nose, it was completely excised thank goodness.  She used it and her dermatologist couldn't believe how well her nose was healing.  She's now using it for her keratosis and eczema, and having major relief.
Thanks again!

Hello, I am the owner of Tattooz by Sassy in Mountain Home Arkansas. I have been using your products for many years with great success on my permanent cosmetic customers, and my body piercer lubes her needles with the oil makng for a smoother piercing which also helps boost the healing. Since we've been using this product, we have tried it on many other applications with success and I wanted to share these with you.

  • Not only does the emu oil work safely on permanent cosmetic healing but it also helps grow eyelashes and is far less expensive than Latisse which has terrible side effects. Women who use it for a month or more gently massaging one drop at the base of the lashes before bed have seen an increase in length and thickness.
  • We apply a drop to tick, chigger, and flea bites. It helps end the itch and boost healing of bites.
  • Mild burns go away quickly with a drop or two applied immediately after the burn.
  • Since it is healing and non-toxic, I use it on wounds on my animals. If they lick it, it doesn't make them sick.
  • I have a pure white indoor/outdoor cat whose ears burn easily. I drizzle emu oil on the tops of her ears and gently spread the oil. It helps prevent her ears from scorching in the sun. (the veterinarian said repeated burning may cause cancer and removal of her ears so prevention is very important)
  • Best of all, applying a drop on any cut, scrape, or wound several times a day speeds healing and prevents infection. I always keep a bottle in my medicine cabinet!

Dessa Blackthorn LPN
Tattooz by Sassy
902 Hwy 62E, Mountain Home AR

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your fast and well packed shipping.  I actually received my order in just two days! The products are great and help SO much!  I will tell all my friends about you and will order again! 

Thank you,
Elissa B,

Thank you so much Ms. Henson! To be honest I was a bit torn over ordering the emu oil. In the past month it has done wonders toward helping me healing a difficult piercing though and I will absolutely be recommending your products to others, especially with similar situations to mine. Your product is wonderful and in the near future I plan on trying the chapstick and lotion as well.

Thank you again ma'am,
Lori P
Las Vegas, NV

I wanted to thank you for your professionalism and quick response regarding my order. I received my order today, just two days after placing the order, and couldn't be happier.

I first tried your wonderful emu oil after being pierced by Elayne Angel. She recommended it for my new piercings and for an older, irritated one in my ear. I've had great results so far (my scarring is going down) and I knew I had to buy more. Because of your oil's high standards and great results, I'll be ordering again soon and I'll be sure to recommend your product to my friends. Thank you!

Nikki D.


Well, you were right! The emu oil alone helped not only with the swelling, but the pain too. (she had an angry piercing)  I don't need any pain meds anymore. This truly IS a miracle product and, rest assured, you have a customer for life! Thank you for your amazing product.
Nicole G (Las Vegas)


I am so excited that I found your products! Emu oil has already helped my irritated ear piercings after I started wearing jewelry again... and moisturized/calmed my 1 week old tattoo beyond my wildest dreams. Being avid skiers, my boyfriend and I also got Green Relief for our knees and lower legs. What a lifesaver. Plus super fast shipping and a personal email from Deb letting me know my products were on their way. Needless to say I am a customer for life, thank you!
Kate J. (Breckenridge, CO)


Love the Emu Oil. Works awesome on my tattoos! Thanks for convincing me to buy that day in Pine. (AZ)  I'm a customer for life! 

Thanks, Drew (Fountain Hills, AZ)


My husband has family that live in Payson, AZ and we were there in May visiting.. My baby boy was nine months old and teething. I think the combination of the drool and the climate there caused him to have a major rash on his face. His skin was dry and cracked all around his mouth and I couldn't do anything to help it. We went to a festival in Strawberry (Pine, AZ) and just kind of bumped in to your booth. The people working were so very sweet and helpful and noticed my baby's face. She immediately recommended the emu oil and I skeptically bought it. I will try anything to help my child! Anyway, it helped instantly! Within hours the redness and dryness was gone... I was so relieved and he was a happy boy!

We brought our bottle home to KY and have continued to use it for diaper rash! This is the ONLY thing that helps it and it takes the rash away so quickly.
Thank you so much for this product! We love it and I tell everyone about it. I actually just placed an order for the oil, Green Relief, and shampoo...I can't wait to get it all in!

Thanks again,
Blair B (Martin, KY)


I just wanted to let you know that your emu oil changed my skin is so many ways. It's now clearer and my pore actually decreased in size. It's like a little bottle of magic. You have a customer for life. Next month, I plan to order the Green Therapy for my parents and my husband.

Thanks to you and your team for making products that consistently work.

Have a peaceful and productive day!
Jameaka T (Arlington, VA)


Your lip balm is the best!! I have not found anything better for treating chapped lips and eliminating cold sores. Other lip balms or medications take up to 10 days to get rid of a cold sore. Your lip balm eliminates them in as little as 2 days! I love it!!
Julie P (Alaska)


I'm so glad to support your business and very happy that emu oil has become so popular in the body art industry. The products are tremendously effective and really speak for themselves. I'm just helping to spread the word.

Elayne Angel, Author
The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing
President, Association of Professional Piercers


I need to buy a big bottle of oil from ya. We've been using it on our one cat's dermatitis, and it's worked wonders!!!

 Jeremy M (Phoenix, AZ)

I want to thank you for suggesting Emu Oil to use on my shingles. Even though it didn't relieve the deep down pain, it certainly got rid of the itching and surface pain so I was able to sleep the night thru for the first time in months. Thanks again.
George M (Peoria, AZ)


(letter included with order)
I've told you before but I'll say it again, emu oil is wonderful. It brought me back to life back in 2003/04 and I'm so grateful to you people.
It truly is a Godsend and I tell many people about it..

I've used it on my back and now I use it on my neck. I had surgery last Jan. on my neck because of sever bone deterioration and when I was able with the healing and tenderness, I started the emu oil and it helped me so much. And with the neuropathy in my hands, it does wonders.
So thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful help.

Kay A (Peoria, AZ)


Thanks like always have been using your products for a couple of years now , on my tattoo and piercing plus for all other reasons , my girlfriend is now hooked on it, thanks again for a great product...

Jason V (Santa Ana, CA)


Thank YOU! I absolutey love your product!! (emu oil) I give each of my permanent cosmetic customers a small bottle to use on their procedure and I notice that my customers lose very little color compared to people who have been instructed to use vaseline on their procedures. Also, with the delicate nature of facial tattooing, the emu oil helps reduce swelling, redness and pain quickly. My body piercer also uses it to lubricate her piercing needles which not only helps the needle slide into the skin easier, but it gives the client a jump start on the healing process.

Dessa, LPN
Tattooz by Sassy


Thank you, this stuff (emu oil) is a life saver, only thing i can put on my face and piercings that doesnt make my skin either break out, or peel! Kat B, Albuquerque, NM

This stuff is great! (Green Relief) I have been using it for my Sciatic Nerve issues and it truly helps out. Thank you for this product!
Brittney P (Englewood, CO)

Third time I've bought from you - because of your excellent products! My daughter has a condition on her arms - bumpy which is called "chicken scratch" NOTHING helps her - but your lotion and soap!

Thanks so much! Carol D., Decatur, GA


I bought some emu oil from you at a show because my toes were sore. Thanks for telling me how it would help because it really does. I now have pain free toes again. Thanks again.

Donna W, Elmira, OR

This is my 3rd time buying your product. I found it on a tattoo and piercing site, but use it primarily for my SEVERE eczema. I have been using topical steroids for years and it's nice to be able to take a more natural approach to combat my discomfort. Emu oil does NOT prevent or cure my eczema, and I am still using steroids, but not as often. Emu oil reduces the itching, swelling and redness. I love it! I am a college student and make minimum wage, but I am sure to make room in my budget for it because it improves the quality of my life. thank you!

Jaxon, Sacramento, CA


I have had your emu oil in my bathroom cabinet and used it over the years for a variety of reasons. About one month ago I had an accident with a weed wacker and really cut up my ankle. On a whim, I applied some of your emu oil to my leg and could not believe the results. Contrary to what many people thought, myself included, I will have very little if any scarring.

Thank you!
K. Moss (Scottsdale, AZ)


I just wanted to let you know how much I love the Emu Oil! I have been using it now for over a month along with the Exfoliate Therapy, and I’m in love with both. My son has actually noticed a difference in my skin….he mentioned in the car that my face looked “softer and smoother”. I can tell a difference in my skin. My pores are smaller and my skin texture is softer and the color has actually “evened up”….I have also noticed that my face is not as oily as before.

I work in a cosmetic/skin care store and I am constantly writing your business down on a piece of paper…..I just can’t think of another product that compares to what we sell…..The girls I work with laugh at me because I am always talking about it. The Emu Oil is so good to put on before you apply your makeup, you would think that it would make you makeup not apply right but it almost acts like a primer. I am in love with your products. I couldn’t imagine my life without it! I am glad I found Desert Palm Emu Ranch!

Angela V (From North Carolina) J


The green relief ---its the best product ever! I tried the exfoliate on my face oh my gosh my face is so smooth and looks really nice, I follow it with the emu oil. Truly my face hasn't looked and felt this nice in a very long time, my husband even noticed. I like the lip moisturizer works great. I am so thrilled that I found you and your products they are an absolute miracle. Thank you again for everything, these products are the very best. I really appreciate the fast shipping, thank you! Until next time,

Carol H
(Scottsdale, AZ)


I had tried many high priced products for the puffiness and wrinkling under my eyes, I'm 62, and then used the emu oil directly on the area. What a difference, almost immediately the puffiness went away and the lines started smoothing out. These lines have noticibly reduced and the moisturization has really increased. Am now applying to my upper lip and the lines between my eyes and am seeing great results. I use the emu night cream and then use the emu oil directly on the areas several times a day, even under makeup. How fortunate to find a reasonably priced solution to the signs of aging I am dealing with!

Peoria, Az.

I am recovering from a full body lift which is how I found u and the Emu, but I reccomend Emu Oil 2 everyone 4 general health and healing. My scars had been reduced substaintially and I now use it 4 everything. Even 4 my teeth! Not 2 mention 4 my dogs as well.

(Portland, OR)


Just wanted to tell you how much I love this product. My brother gave me a bottle after i had a major stitches in my face from a melanoma repair and the scar is barely visable. I am telling everyone about it. :)

Wendy J
(Byron Center, MI)


I've been using this emu oil for 3 years now, thanks for stopping us at the lettuce festival and putting sun screen on my face! Both my daughter & I have rosacea and this works wonders (and we don't have to take medicine!). Thanks again, this produce is wonderful!

Diane B.
Gresham, OR


Thank you! I recently purchased another emu oil product and was not happy with it at all, unlike your product. I use your product on my son and myself. My son has excema around his eyes and on his arms which can get pretty bad in the winter months. I use it on my eyes as my eyes are extremely sensitive to most products. I can't say enough good things about your product!

Many thanks,
Kim R (Mass)

I cannot tell you how much better I am feeling taking the emu capsules for almost 1 month and the oil is really making my legs so much healthier.  They will never be great but I can tell the skin is not so thin and that will help prevent ulcers from forming I believe.  I suffer from venous stasis disease and I feel like the capsules are healing them somewhat from the inside.  Also my facial skin is wonderful - reduced redness and it is so soft etc.   Well I can go on and on and you probably get tired of hearing how wonderful your product is.  I have gotten at least 3 other people to use it and they love it also.  When I was telling my sister in Connecticut about all that it has helped me with she started laughing and said you should bath in it.

Also wanted you to know that I will only use your emu products because I tried some other producer's product and the oil was not as effective and your cost is not that much more.  I definitely want the best product for the best results, especially taking it internally now.  Can't wait to see how it affects my blood work in 3 months.

Carolyn R, Yuma, AZ


I got a small sample from the guy who does my piercings and I was instantly obsessed with it. I use it all over the place now :) Look forward to ordering more from you!
Sarah K, Erial, NJ

I purchased your starter kit for myself and my mother (we pretty much stand all day at our family owned restaurant) and Green Relief gets us through the day. Now, I have caught my husband (a dairy machine operator/golfer) using it also. We love this product.
Thank you! Maria M, Azusa, CA

I have been using Emu oil for months on my severe psoriasis. This has helped more than anything I have tried. I'm so thankful for this product.
Thank you. Jonny W., Riverside, CA

This is the second time I have ordered from you. I love this stuff!! I just recently had a outbreak of shingles on my lip. I used the oil on it and it is healing so much faster. I don't even think I will have a scar. Thank you for such a great pure product.
Paula S., Crescent City, CA

Mom is out of her green relief and can't live with out it.   She uses it on her bad knee, arthritic hands, and other aches. Mom had water on her one elbow, her elbow was huge, the doctor said there was nothing that could be done for it. She started putting Green Relief on it a week ago and I'll be darned the water and swelling is gone!  Its a miracle!  What a great product, it helps soo many different things. Thanks again, Mom can't wait to get her Green Relief.  
Carol H (Scottsdale, AZ)

Your product is fabulous!!!  I struggle with skin rashes during the spring and summer of every year and so far no skin rash because of your product. 

Wendy U - Washington

I love your products! Thank you so much for having a product that actually works. My mom gave me a bottle of your emu oil as a gift and told me to try it on my face. I had very red, itchy, irritated bumps on my face and neck and was always trying something new to make it all go away, which nothing worked. I used the emu oil and it has reduced the redness, bumpiness and irritation tremendously! it is actually clearing my skin! I feel confident enough not to wear makeup all the time to hide my imperfections. Your emu oil is amazing and I will continue to purchase it!

Laura - Portland, Oregon

Deb, just like you told me my 15 yr dog's skin has improved and scratching stopped. Adding the oil to his food to keep him alive to 20 like yours.

Sandra, Payson, AZ

My two year old son gets horrible bloody noses. This is the only stuff (emu oil) that is easy enough to drop in his nose quickly and keeps him from getting a bloody nose for days. It keeps his nose moist and his clothes and sheets, etc...blood free. Thanks for a wonderful product.

M. Hutchison
Pocatello, ID

Thank you so much, you don't know how I am looking forward to receiving this (order).  I pulled a hamstring and I refuse to take medication, so am anxious to receive my order and get some relief!  And, the best news yet, my daughter is expecting a baby.  I am giving the emu oil to her, to use on her face which has broken out, and also to use for stretch marks. Every time I turn around I find a use for the emu oil; last night my cat clawed me and I swelled up and was itchy; I put some emu oil on it and received immediate relief.  Today you can't even see the marks! I am so thankful we went to the lettuce festival!  We just happened to stop at your booth and you put some sunscreen on my face.  I have never used sunscreen on my face because it's so oily, but this made my face feel like a baby's face. 

I can't recommend your products enough!

Diane B Gresham, OR

Everyone is HOOKED on this stuff.  I had one of our regulars in the other day and she was all happy because apparently her dog had some problem with his ears, always sore, itchy inflamed etc.  She's had him to the vet several times & tried all sorts of creams, ointments & such without success.  She said she just happened to think of trying the Emu, so she washed his ears with mild soap and dried them, then massaged the oil in.  She said by the NEXT MORNING they were cleared up; he's stopped scratching and they are 100% fine.  So of course each person with a story like that tells others, so forth and so on, and we have a lot of people who aren't even pierced or tattooed coming in to buy it because they've heard how excellent it is.

Thanks a bunch!!! 

Kat Ron's Piercing,
Brunswick, ME

My husband suffers from a horrible scalp itch that the Doctor's cannot find a reason for.  Your Emu oil applied at night to his scalp gives him tremendous relief!  We just ordered our second bottle of your Emu Oil.  It does a great job and it lasts along time.
Thank you!

Sandra B., Malverne, NY

I recently purchased emu oil, as I had permanent eye liner done. The oil was great and I healed quickly without any problems.

Nancy D.

I have trouble with my hands cracking and bleeding especially during cold weather. My daughter left me an open bottle of the Hand and Body Therapy. It has helped me a great deal. Hands do not crack and bleed anymore.

Great product!
Barbara B. (Arkansas)

Thank you, Deb.  We have been buying your emu oil at a local health store but they don't carry the larger size any longer.  My husband has been having some tattoo work done and only uses emu oil.  I was visiting my daughter in Colorado in August and started putting the emu oil on my granddaughter (she has eczema) each night after her bath.  My daughter has continued applying the oil and Isabelle hasn't had any itching in a while now.   One of the bottles we ordered is for her.
Thank you again. 

Paulette G
Phoenix, AZ

I just wanted to reiterate how wonderful your product is!! I injured my face quite severely and as I have been putting the Emu oil on the injury it is vanishing and almost completely healed. It appears there will be no scar!!

Thank you!!
Theresa (Morgan Hill, CA)

I have always thought that EMU OIL was great for healing tattoos and I have given the small sample size bottles to special customers. I was sticking to Tattoo Goo and Antibiotic ointments that are standard in this industry for most customers. That was a mistake because now my customers are going to the other tattoo shop to buy EMU OIL to heal their tattoos and piercings. I am losing business because the word has spread from one person to another that EMU OIL is great for healing tattoos and piercings.

I still have lots of traditional aftercare products on my hands that I need to sell. I will want to place an order with you as soon as I can afford to.

Hi Deb,
Well, once again, Emu oil, was unbelievable.  My husband cut his ear and it was a horrible color and bleeding a lot, he refused to go the emergency, and when I put the oil on it, it started to heal quickly, and the redness is leaving and there wont even be a scar.  We just dab some on with a quetip daily, it could have gotten infected but didnt, I am so amazed at all it does, this is my second testimonial and since the first I have found so many new uses for all of your products. 

Thank you.
Joann and Hugh R Carson, Wa

I am 91 yrs old and have pain from an arthritic knee. My daughter gave me Green Relief to try. It has been most helpful and I want to extend my thanks to you. I am now walking without my cane and am able to go the half mile to visit my husband 2 or 3 times a day. Thank you again for all you have done to improve my quality of life.

J. Maris,
Hilton Head Island, SC

I used emu oil on my two most recent piercings and I'm totally amazed. I had some nasty hypertrophic scarring on both, and it was almost gone withing a week. I'm very serious about keeping my piercings clean and healthy, and I won't use anything but the best cleaning products. If you have a new piercing, don't hesitate to buy a bottle for aftercare. It greatly reduces pain and swelling, and keeps your new piercing looking healthy.


Dear Deb, I have used a lot of your products and they are all they claim to be. We bought a bottle of the bath gel at Yuma last year, and my husband loved it, takes so little and if you let your skin dry naturally it stays on and protects all day long.  We then sent for some shampoo, and when our hair dresser cut his hair and mine she couldnt believe how soft and managable it was and the itch he always had at the back of his neck from commercial ones is gone. I bought emu oil next and when I had surgery on my eyelid to remove a growth which should have taken stitches....I wrote to  you and asked if I could use the oil on it, as it itched terrible and the Dr; told me to keep my hands out of it...ha.....i couldnt, you advised me of your own eye lid surgery and how it worked, and so I tried it and it stopped itching and healed it really fast and no stitches, no scar. I ordered the green relief as I always had knee pain when I walked the trails up here and it stopped any arthritic pain almost immediately, it has an odor at first but it goes away quickly.  I am now walking daily without pain.  I then ordered the skin therapy, wow, how soft and my fingernails are stronger.  You sent me a sample of the equine therapy with my last order, and surprise, works wonderfully on fungus of the toenail and healed scrapes on my kitties ear quickly.  I then ordered the emu oil caps, and I use them with my glucosamine and my joints are all better with only one bottle, and they are easy to take.  I am so happy with all of your products and have referred several to your online page, and I am sending for another order today and adding lip therapy to that. We were a little skeptical and questioning about whether your oil could do all it does, we have used Melaluuca products and they worked well for us, but we are totally sold with your products, and were also impressed with how you presented the products to us at the Lettuce festival, so glad we listened. 

Thank you for your help.
Hugh and Joann R. Carson,
WA Hello again Deb!

It's Kat from Ron's Piercing Experience & Tattoo in Brunswick, ME.  We would like to order 2 quart size bottles.  On a personal note, I have to let you know that I have suffered with chronic hip pain for about 15 years now.  I have been to doctors and specialists so many times it is ridiculous.  It has been variously diagnosed as bursitis, nerve damage, vitamin D deficiency,  and just plain "hmm, I've never heard of something like that."  At the least it is annoying; at the worst nearly disabling, causing sharp pain that makes it difficult to walk.  The other night it was acting up, and although ever the skeptic, I had the emu oil and thought, "what the hell, I'll try it."  I was totally amazed.  Although I could still tell "something" was there, the sharp stabbing pain was relieved almost instantly!!  I have no idea how this could work (even the strongest prescription narcotics would only "take the edge off") -I just know it DOES work!  \The next day Ron's Aunt Brenda came by for a visit.  She is on disability for severe carpal tunnel in both hands, and has such pain she hardly sleeps.  I told her about your product and let her try some.  She couldn't believe the instant relief she also experienced!  The next day she told us that that was the first night she had slept well and pain free that she could remember.  I gave her your info and she got on the website and ordered some for herself that day.  (Brenda F. in Randolph, Maine.)  I can assure you she'll be checking her mail constantly till it arrives!  Like myself, Brenda could get no relief from drugs (and who wants to take that crap all the time anyway!)  She has also had to endure a very unpleasant surgery on one hand, and it was only marginally successful initially, but didn't seem to have any lasting effect.  So for both of us, your product is a boon beyond belief.  You are more than welcome to relate any part of this testimonial to anyone.  We would recommend this stuff to anybody!  It has so many uses - but the pain relief thing a person almost couldn't believe unless they experienced it.  Anyway, just had to let you know that stuff.  Will look forward to hearing from you re: our bulk order.  Thanks for your time and a truly amazing product.

- Kat Thanks, Deb! 
We like the fast service!


We thought you should know that the Emu oil has really helped our dog, Molly, to control itching and hot spots.  As a result, we are able to reduce her cortisone medication to only 1 mg. every third day!  Soon, she won't need it at all.  The Emu caplets (Gel Caps) are helping me cope with chronic knee pain.  I am currently trying to not use Celebrex and only the Emu product.  So far so good. 

We're so glad we found you!
Jan V (Hastings, MN)

I met you at the tatoo convention Saturday evening. I just wanted to let you know that the equine oil (Equine Maintenance Therapy)you gave me has already helped my rescue mare heal so much!!  I think I had told you that the terrible people that had her before stabbed her in her neck and left the wound open.  It healed some on its own before I got her, but the flies were sworming on it and it was still swollen when I got her a week ago.  After two days of putting the oil on it the swelling is almost gone and it is closing up on its own!!  What a wonderful product!!  I have told all the boarders at the stables about it and let two people try it as a fly repellent around their horses eyes!  Everyone is so impressed with it, I will be posting one of your cards on the bulletin board so everyone can check out your website!! I will be ordering more very soon for my Lucy girl!! Thanks so much!!

Hilary L
(Chandler, AZ) 

I am thrilled that I found your booth at the Prescott craft sale last year.  I bought a jar of your Green Relief for my knee pain, it took the pain away and I was able to walk. Now I have hurt my back and use it every day, it doesn't heal, but definitely takes the pain out. I couldn't live with out it. 
Thank you soo much,
Carol H,  Scottsdale,

I had the worst chapped lips and they are gone over night.  I gave the hand and body cream to my friend here at work because her husband is a horrible diabetic and she wanted to try it on his feet.  Hopefully you will have another customer now.  Next Friday (payday) I'll order more for me.  Just wanted to let you know how much I liked it. 

Bonnie M

(Plymouth, MI)

Hi Deb,
I received the order just fine. I have used the night cream every night since I got it. It is wonderful. My face feels so smooth. I used the exfolliant and that is great. You don't have to use too much at all. I feel like I have been to a spa for a treatment. Your site was recommended to me by fellow yahoo group members. We use the oil for treatment of skin conditions that often dries up the skin tissues. The emu oil has omega fatty acids which help the skin. We have all seen remarkable results with the emu oil.
Just wanted to says thanks for a great product. You will be hearing from me again.

Debbie K  
(Arlington, TX)

Hi there folks,
  I just wanted to drop you a line. I have read the many benefits and uses of emu oil. I have read the testimonials and am not surprised. One use though that I don't see mentioned. I have a condition called Peyronie's. It was a result from an injury to my "man part". What was left behind was heavy internal scaring. In 2 years I have no relief. The first day of applying straight emu oil there was a decrease in pain and inflammation. This stuff is amazing.  

Nikk F.
(Phoenix, AZ)

My boyfriend and I visited your farm 8/24. When I got home to Florida I began using the emu oil on the rash my mom developed at the end of her radiation therapy.We also applied it to the target site,it had developed a very large blister. Within an hour her itching stopped,within 1 day the redness left the blister and the rash.Within 2 days the rash began to fade and the old skin began to peel away,the blister had scabed over. now 1 week later she has soft healed skin. Thank you so much,It was a gift to see mom comfortable after all we had gone through to find some comfort for her. I will definitly pass on the wonders of emu oil to other radiation patients.

Thank you again,
Suzanne G. (FL)

I just got back in town from camping for 5 days. I  brought your stuff with us and my Mom's knee was killing her, she could hardly walk it hurt so bad.  I told her about your emu oil and she tried it and was absolutely amazed, it took away all of the pain, every bit of it.  Then the next day I rubbed it on her back which she pulled a muscle on and it helped it a lot. 

Thanks Beth
(Pinetop, AZ)

Hi Deb,
I met you at the show in Prescott, AZ this past Sunday.  I tried the emu oil on my swollen and achy fingers.  Within minutes, the swelling started to go down and I even woke up the next morning without pain in my fingers (something that I wake up with regularly).  All that from one use! I got so excited about the product that I talked to my husband about it the entire next day!  I went to your website and read all the testimonials and was very impressed by the many uses for the oil.  I had no idea it could be used inside the mouth, for example. I just placed a phone order for the Starter Kit which contains 2 oz. of the pure emu oil, 4 oz. of sun protection, and the lip therapy.  I also ordered a 4 oz. hand and body lotion and requested a sample of the Green Relief for my middle back pain.  I wake up every morning basically unable to move without excrutiating pain.  I have tried everything from pills, to physical therapy, to chiropractic, to pain management (cortisone shots in my spine), to accupuncture, to body scans, etc.  I will let you know how the Green Relief works! I can't wait for my order to arrive!

Sandra L.
(San Diego, CA)


Thank you for the sample of emu oil you sent with my shampoo; I really like it alot. The oil is amazing on my skin, especially on my face and I have oily skin, so I was very impressed that it absorbed quickly and didn't feel greasy. It made my skin really soft. The shampoo stopped the itch of dry scalp instantly and the conditioner calmed down my frizz somewhat. Have y'all considered making a leave-in conditioner  and mousse with emu oil? I would be very interested in that. I'll be ordering again soon to buy some emu oil and I want to get the lotion also. You've made a believer out of me and a new loyal customer. Thank you for making your products without all those harmful ingredients.

Sincerely, Laura C. (LA)

Thanks for introducing me to emu oil. It's cleared rashes I've had years!!! No Dr. prescription touched!!! Thanks again.
Lila B (Arlington, WA)

I bought a starter kit with Green Relief at the show in the Surprise Center recently and decided it works so great for me that I'm purchasing the starter kit for my mother and another for myself.

Karen P (Surprise, AZ)

This order is for my daughter....she lives in a very dry area and has cracking skin...I know your product will do wonders for her as it did me.
Janice H ( Peoria, AZ)

I dearly love your products and have told many people about them.  I once poured boiling water down my arm, straining the vegetables and within two days all the scars were gone. I use it on my cracked heels, cuts, burns, bruises and lately the inside of my mouth as I have had much dental work done. I don't know what it is about it but it sure works!

Julie T (Scottsdale, AZ)

I use your emu oil everyday and it works. It's very soothing, helps the chronic pain tremendously. It doesn't' cure (wish it did). Anyway, I really like it.

Betty B (Chattaroy, WV)

Just a note to let you know we have been using the emu oil on Larry's sun damaged skin (hands, arms & face) for about a month now. It is really showing improvement. I am ordering more. I don't want to run short.
Thanks, Virginia W (Wyoming, IA)

Deb, Thanks "mucho". My wife's godmother (80 something) used your emu oil for 3 days while visiting us and loved what it did for her skin. We rave about your emu oil to everyone. You have a great product and we wish you the greatest of success. Warmest regards and respect.

Bob & Ann C (San Carlos, Sonara, Mexico)

I have a skin form of Lupus. At a show, you gave me a sample of your face creams. Your product seems to improve the texture and appearance of my skin. I'm using your shampoo too. I love it! I also have your oil, which I use on my most difficult skin problems, ie, excema on my hands and lupus areas on my chest. Thank you for your products.

Joanne B (Avondale, AZ)

Thank you, Deb!  I love your products and I'm telling all my friends about them.  When I first bought the pure emu oil from you in Yuma I had a terrible cut on my finger (4 stitches).  Using the emu oil really helped it heal quickly and I'm not even going to have a bad scar!  I love the Sun Protection too!  Thanks again,

Pam D (Lake Oswego, OR )

I am an elderly gentleman with paper thin skin. I read the article about you in the Arizona Farm Bureau Magazine. I called you up and you sent me a bottle of emu oil right away. I could not believe the difference in my skin in just two days. The bruises started to go away and my skin felt so good. My arms would bleed almost everyday from hitting or scraping it against something. Since I've been using your emu oil, my skin no longer breaks open and bleeds like it used to. I've told everyone I know, including my doctor. They can't believe the difference in my skin. My nurse is going to be ordering some oil for her husband that has the same problem. I really believe in your emu oil.

Eugene B (St. Johns, AZ)

I have been a carpenter for many years. For about the last 15 years, I have had tendonitis in my right elbow. It has been a chronic pain that I have learned to live with because nothing I had tried before seemed to help. I met Dale at a show and he put some Green Relief on my elbow and told me to go away. Within minutes, I experienced relief for the first time. I came back and bought some and have been using it ever since. I told my mother and brother about it, and they are now loyal customers of yours also. Thanks so much for making such a difference in our lives.

The Lee Family (AZ, NM)

My problems started in Dec., 1986 when I had a mastectomy for breast cancer.  I was fine until Jan., 2002, when I was diagnosed with more breast cancer, same side.  I was then sent to an Oncologist, who ordered radiation treatments.  And I saw the Oncologist every 3 months.  Before each visit to the Oncologist I have blood drawn at the hospital lab, and before every other visit, I have a CT Scan and Bone Scan.   About 2 months after I started taking your emu gelcaps, I saw my Oncologist and she commented on how "beautiful" my blood looked, and because of this she said I could come in every 4 months instead of 3.  And my thought was, "Wow, if emu oil is responsible for this, I better keep taking them."  And so I do. That's pretty much my story.

Carol T (Oakdale, MN)

Hi Deb, I have a little story for you about Emu Oil - I was at a customer's house on a gas leak call. (I work for the gas utility in N.J. doing repairs) The customer seemed very nervous (more than the usual) & we got to talking the house burned down about a year earlier & her grandson died (about 2 yrs old) & her granddaughter (about 5 years old) gotten badly burned on her face. I felt so bad for her & only lived about 2 blocks away. So ran home & got Emu oil & your paper with the description of what it does. Well, 2 or 3 weeks went by & I had a job across the street from this lady & she came over to me & thanked me repeated. She said the Emu oil was doing wonders for the child's face and just how amazing it was since doctor couldn't do anything yet for such a young face. It gave me chills - 

Thank you & thank God for helping this child. Mary (NJ)

I have Plantar Fasciitis and bought some emu oil from you at the Pine Craft show. You also gave me a sample of the Green Relief to try. I came back 1 st thing Sunday morning to buy more. I just wanted to say your product is wonderful. I will continue to spread the word about your product to co-workers and my family.

Kristine, (Phoenix, AZ )

Just a line to thank you for the emu oil. What a help that was. My husband and I went on a 4.5 mile hike last weekend, and I had quite a sore knee afterwards. I decided to try the emu oil on my knee. It worked! By next morning I was pain free.

Levana F.,( Eagar, AZ)

I just started using your Green Relief about 3 weeks ago for neuropathy of my legs, feet and hands and it is a miracle what your product has accomplished for my pain.

Thank you and God Bless you!!
Sylivia C., (Arroyo Grande, CA)

Wow, this emu oil is incredible. I've been applying the oil on my gums twice a day. My gums have already started turning a pinkish white. I had this one highly sensitive area. I would get pain from sweets, hot, cold, etc. The sensitivity has gone down about 50% and the bacteria almost zero. I'm usually not a patient person to give something time to work its effects. This product is perfect for me because the results are almost instant. Hooray! I've also applied a tiny bit of the emu oil to my face at night. My skin looked rejuvenated and there were less lines around my eyes in the morning. I love the smell and smoothness of the Hand and Body Therapy as well. And the Lip Therapy is superb. I feel like I have a brand new mouth. No peeling skin, just soft and smooth. This is one of the best alternative ideas I have experienced. Thank you for your fine service and wonderful congeniality Deb. I will definitely be a returning customer. God Bless the Emus and you too!

Lainee, (Phoenix, AZ )

I just want to let you know I love emu oil. I bought some of your oil from a health food store. A massage therapist told me about it, he uses it in his massages. I am 7 months pregnant and have been using emu oil on my stomach, chest and bottom for a few months and it's great. I also have my belly pierced and it has just started to get irritated so I started putting emu oil on it and it feels so much better already.

Thanks again, Nicole V., (Avondale, AZ)

Thank you for providing these wonderful products. Even my 9 yr old daughter uses the face cream!!

JCB, (Phoenix, AZ)

I was involved in an accident when my truck was hit on the right side. I had to go to a chiropractor for the first time in over 40 yrs because I had so much pain in my shoulders that I was unable to put my shirt on or sleep comfortably at night. The chiropractic treatments did help some with the pain. Then I started using your Green Relief every day and had total relief from the pain. I was even able to sleep through the whole night. I continued using your product for about a month to alleviate the pain while my shoulder was healing, and I am now in no further need of any medication or treatment. Your Green Relief is a great product.

Richard S. Sr., (Tempe, AZ )

I am 69 yrs old and have had chronic pain in my knee for many years. Even with knee surgery several years ago, I still suffer from pain and swelling in the joint. I started using Green Relief several times a day on my knee. On a good day, the pain goes away completely. On bad days when I've abused my knee, it eases the pain and swelling enough to make life tolerable. I also get shoulder pain occasionally, and when I apply the Green Relief, the pain goes away and I get full movement again. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I recommend Green Relief to all my friends and would highly recommend it to anyone suffering joint pain.

Wesley S., (San Angelo, TX )

I bought one of your Starter Kits at the Chandler Ostrich Festival. All 3 items have helped me a lot. The oil helped relieve 2 problems so far. The most surprising was on an infected ingrown toenail. I soaked a gauze pad with emu oil and wrapped it around my toe. I changed the dressing every day for several days. The emu oil slowly inched that toenail out of my tissue.

Thanks for your products.
Rachel B., (Chandler, AZ )

I have been treated for actinic keratosis, sun damage, etc. and have had a bad reaction from 3 medications. I was desperate so I talked to you this morning about applying your emu oil on the “weeping” areas on the creases of my neck. I have applied it not only on the neck area but also my face (red freckles and areas that looked burned). It is now about 6 pm, the “weeping” and tightness has stopped. Fantastic Oil!!! The healing was painless and fast. I will be seeing my dermatologist on Tuesday and I will inform him on what I was using. NO MORE chemicals for me. I am just too sensitive for their products. Thanks for your help and interest.

Joyce B. (Phoenix, AZ)

My 4 yr old daughter suffers terribly from excema. We have tried hundreds of dollars worth of over the counter creams and prescription creams. When we saw you at an event and talked to you about your emu oil, we decided to give it a try. The itching stopped immediately and her skin looked so much better just from one application. It has been several weeks now, and my daughter is a new little girl. The emu oil has cleared up the outbreak so much that you can barely tell she has had a problem.

Thank you so much!
Kathy T., (Peoria, AZ )

I looooovvveeeee your Exfoliate Therapy! My face feels like a million bucks. You need to sell this on QVC so more women hear about it. It's fantastic!

Thanks, Debby M., (Glendale, AZ )

I got your oil three days ago. I used it on an ant bite and the sting disappeared instantly. Now I use it on my face every morning before I put on my make up and at night before I go to bed. I can't tell you how much I love it. The emu oil makes my face feel so good I can't believe it.

Cookie B., (Indio, CA )

I have been using your pure emu oil and the Green Relief for about a year and a half. The quality of my life has been so improved by your products!! After my hip and shoulder surgeries, I couldn't lift my arm and I used a wheel chair or walker to get around. Now I can lift my arm over my head, I hike and fish with my husband. I am more active because I am pain free and consequently have lost over 50 pds. Thank you for your products, they have made my life!!!

Leigh, (Pine, AZ )

I got some of your oil last weekend at your booth in Payson. I used it on my hands and can't believe what it has done for my cracked and dry palms. I also got a sample of your Green Relief. I used it on my wife's neck. The relief from the pain she has experienced on and off for years was gone in just a couple minutes. Please rush my order! Thanks for providing products that have made such a difference in just 4 days.

Dave S., (Las Vegas, NV)

I bought several of your products while on vacation in AZ. I love them. When I got home, I shared with my friends and family, now they all want some. Enclosed you will find my order. You have such great products and are such a nice person. I hope you get lots and lots of business.

Mary K., (Chicago, IL )

My mom and I were out to your ranch today. You showed us the emu and we bought some of your products. I wanted to let you know that mom put some of the Green Relief on my hand while I was in the car, just minutes after we left your ranch. And you were right, I felt relief really fast, practically right away. Thank you sooooooooo MUCH.

Laura B., (Goodyear, AZ )

Thank you Deb. I love your products. The Body Butter has made a tremendous difference in the quality of my skin. I swim a great deal, so I am grateful for the Butter. I also use the Green Relief on my left hip and it has helped so much.

Thanks again.
Elizabeth B., (Phoenix, AZ )

I met you Sunday in Payson. I was the one with the ant bites on my feet. You let me try the emu oil and I felt immediate relief from the itch, so I bought some oil. Last year it took 6-8 weeks for ant bites to heal, with lots of misery thru the process. I have put your emu oil on the bites twice per day since Sunday, and they are almost healed already. I'm sold and telling all my friends. Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful product.

Ron P., (Avondale, AZ )

I am a crafter, sewer and quilter, and have worn out most of my fingers. They are dry and sore almost 100% of the time. I have tried almost everything to alleviate the problem. My husband has excema on his hands and they are cracked and sore. We have been using your pure emu oil for only two days and I can't tell you how improved our hands are. Some of this order is for sharing with some of our friends that I know have similar problems. Please include 6 extra order forms.

Jacqui N., (Yuma, AZ )

I really believe in your products. I especially love the Lip Therapy.

Sharen Q., (Belleville, WI )

Please rush our order for emu oil. We ran out and every time one of my kids gets a bump or scrape, they say “mom, I wish we had some emu oil”. I got sunburned doing yard work yesterday and I wish I had some emu oil!!!

Katie R., (Hesperia, CA )

I used emu oil on my varicose veins that were inflamed on the inside of the calves of my leg and it helped tremendously.

Thank you so much.
Mary V., (Ojai, CA)

We were a food vendor at an event you participated in. You gave us a sample of your Green Relief to put on our aching backs. The pain went away almost immediately and we were able to finish the event pain free. We later came over and bought some Green Relief and emu oil to take with us. Thanks for introducing us to your wonderful products.

Bill & Linda I., (Colorado Springs, CO )

I'm so glad to support your business and very happy that emu oil has become so popular in the body art industry. The products are tremendously effective and really speak for themselves. I'm just helping to spread the word.

Elayne Angel, Author
The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing
President, Association of Professional Piercers


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