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Tattoo/Piercing Care

Desert Palms Emu Ranch, LLC, is the first company to introduce Emu oil, and Emu oil aftercare products to the tattoo and piercing industry. Our company set the standards for safe and effective Emu oil as a viable natural alternative to aftercare. Our oil is the only oil that Elayne Angel, President of APP, and author of "The Piercing Bible", uses and endorses. We are the only Emu oil related aftercare company that has been a corporate sponsor in good standing with the APP and have attended their annual convention in Las Vegas since 2005. Thank you for supporting us, as we provide and support you and the industry.

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Desert Palms Emu Ranch  emu oil is a natural alternative to aftercare for piercing and tattoos. Our oil is refined using a non-chemical process to get out all the impurities. Our oil is fully refined and is suitable for pharmaceutical usage. (not all emu oils are) Even though it is an oil, it has been proven that emu oil does not clog the pores, therefore allowing the skin to breath during the healing process. (unlike most commercially made aftercare products that are petroleum based) Studies have shown that emu oil penetrates through all layers of the skin and is rich in nutrients (essential fatty acids) that feed the skin to aid in new cell development that can help hasten the healing process.   Emu oil  is also a natural emollient keeping the skin moist and pliable.

For Tattoos
Apply emu oil immediately after new artwork has been cleaned to relieve the discomfort and reduce the inflammation and redness. Emu oil will help set the colors (due to its deep penetrating properties) and will help reduce plasma oozing. Using emu oil 2-3 times a day during the healing process will keep the area moist, reducing or eliminating the flaking and/or scabbing that often occurs. Emu oil can prevent the need for touch-ups which saves the artist time and money, and makes for a happy customer. Note: apply emu oil only to clean skin.

For Piercing
Apply emu oil 2-3 times daily after the piercing has been cleaned. Gently massage a single drop of emu oil around the opening of the piercing (entrance and exit) with clean finger. Desert Palms Emu Ranch emu oil is safe to use on tongue piercings, labrets and genital piercings.

For Stretching
Apply emu oil daily as needed on clean surface with clean hands. Emu oil will keep area moist and pliable. Helps prevent tears and blow-outs on ear stretching. Put a drop of emu oil on larger gauge jewelry before insertion to ease discomfort and increase slide.

Comes in 1 oz. ($9), 2 oz.($17), 4 oz.($28.50), and 8 oz. bottles($50).

NOTE: Emu oil comes from a layer of fat off the back of the bird. It is one of the by-products of the animal when it is processed. Emu oil is NOT a Vegan friendly product. Most vegetarians will use emu oil because 97% of the bird is utilized (meat, hide, carcass, organs, feathers, fat).

Also, emu oil should not be used on scarification or branding as emu oil hastens the healing process and inhibits scabbing.


Pure Refined Emu Oil

Hand & Body Therapy
New and improved formula with more moisturizers and skin conditioners. Helps prevent dry, flaky skin. Good for all skin types. Contains no perfumes or fragrances. Lightly scented with citrus essential oils. Use Hand & Body Therapy after new artwork has healed to maintain moisture in the skin and to keep artwork looking new. Brightens and enhances older artwork. Emu Oil brings the moisturizers and conditioners deep into the skin for a long lasting effect. Use sparingly, a little goes a long way. Apply once a day to clean skin.

Comes in 4 oz ($5.50) or 8 oz bottles ($10).
We are out of the 8 oz. size.

Hand & Body Therapy


I'm so glad to support your business and very happy that emu oil has become so popular in the body art industry. The products are tremendously effective and really speak for themselves. I'm just helping to spread the word.

Elayne Angel, Author
The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing
President, Association of Professional Piercers

Emu Oil
From The Piercing Bible

For the care of healing and troubled piercings, emu oil has proved itself superior to all the other products I’ve advocated throughout my career. Yes, emu, as in the big flightless bird. Aboriginal people in Australia have used emu oil on wounds for centuries. Today it is used by massage therapists, dermatologists, other medical practitioners, and piercers, for its anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and wound-healing properties. I believe emu oil is safe and effective enough that it could become the norm for post-piercing care, at least among non-vegetarians. I know I’ve advised against miracle products, but if there is such a thing, in my opinion, emu oil is it.

Emu oil is safe even for use inside the mouth, and no, it doesn’t taste like dead bird, or like anything at all. A natural food by-product, high-quality emu oil is odorless and tasteless. It is considered hypoallergenic, and I haven’t witnessed any negative responses to it. No adverse reactions or toxicity have been reported in the scientific literature.1 Laboratory studies show that emu oil has anti-inflammatory properties2, and in its pure state, emu oil is bacteriostatic (restricts the growth and activity of microorganisms).3

Emu oil is high in essential fatty acids and keeps your skin moisturized. This establishes favorable conditions: healing is three to five times faster and less painful in a moist environment. Pure emu oil does not clog pores, and it does not prevent air circulation like petroleum-based products. The emollients help keep secretions from drying and adhering to the skin or jewelry, which cuts down on crusting, trauma, and discomfort. Even though it is called “oil,” it is more like a lotion. It rubs in well and does not leave a greasy residue. Emu oil feels extremely soothing the instant you put it on. These pleasant attributes help to encourage regular applications.

Emu oil is also economical because you apply only a tiny dab. It is easy to use:

• Shake the bottle
• Two to three times daily, rub a single drop onto the piercing with a clean or gloved finger

You can use it in conjunction with saline soaks, though many piercees have had excellent results healing with emu oil as the sole care product. Studies have shown that emu oil penetrates the skin, which resolves any debate over rotating the jewelry.

I also suggest applications of emu oil on the tissue of any piercing that is being stretched. Research has shown it can thicken skin, so it may be especially helpful for thinning tissue.4

Different manufacturers produce emu oils of varying qualities, and it may not perform equally well in all climates. I once tried an inferior brand that did smell and taste like a big, dead bird. Use only certified fully refined oil on piercings. The idea of suggesting oil for piercings seemed appalling after years of preaching against the use of ointment. All I can say is, “This isdifferent!”


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